Highlights videos, zQuest, and Devil's Dogma - 10/12/2017

I am here to announce that for a period of time the highlights videos for our podcasts that are uploaded to the DefCon Youtube Channel will not be as frequent as before. We will be concentrating on producing other content for the channel to help show our creativity at work such as live drawing sessions, animations, music, gameplay, and more. Not only that, but tomorrow I will be releasing the End of Chapter 1 animation for zQuest. Devil's Dogma, the mixtape between normalgeist and I, is in the mixing stages and will also be released shortly. More updates will be provided as they come. Thanks for tuning in!

Updates on Episode 2 and beyond - 10/3/2017

Hey everybody! For all like two of you that tune into DefCast in its early stages I'm here to let you know, that this weeks podcast won't have a highlights video on YouTube due to technical issues.

The episode is still available if you click on the DefCon logo on the homepage, but since we are pretty new to the whole podcast scene all the kinks haven't been worked out quite yet. Just letting you know! We'll get things straightened out for the next episode coming this week! And, no, the buttons on the bottom don't work yet. We're just going to stack these posts for now. :D

DefCast777 First Episode Premiere by freakyfurball - 9/11/2017

Welcome to the new extreme of Defcon777! A joint venture between normalgeist-villsvin and I. We created this as an outlet for our media ventures within the Influx Labs animation group as well as other projects such as music. On top of all this is our flagship new podcast series, DefCast777.

In this podcast we will be talking about anything from things we are working on artistically, video games, music, and much more. Currently the website is still in what you would call a beta phase, as not all the kinks have been worked out quite yet.

As we speak the first episode of DefCast777 is out, however things like the blog you are reading now do not have a content management system quite yet and is still being written in pure HTML, rather than a PHP/MySQL based CMS. Not only that, but the general site layout still needs work. Over the next few weeks these kinks will be taken care of and the inner site will have a smooth layout just as the beautiful homepage does.

Here's a link to highlights from the podcast about the new Nintendo Switch